Help the city planner plan a distraction-free route down the street to the bar.

How to Play:

This is a point-and-click puzzle game. 
Use the mouse to move left and right,
Use left button to click and drag objects.
Hit Enter once you think you solved all the puzzles.


Designers: Yuval Flayshman, Orian Kidron
Developers: Elior Digmi, Jonatan Vider
Guidance: Dani Bacon, Itamar Ernst, Mati Ernst, Nir Lahad, Omer Zadok

Music By:

Wendy Marcini - The Spy

The game was made as part of a game jam course in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design & Hebrew University, 2022.


Hold My Beer MacOS 73 MB
Hold My Beer Windows


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Very cool premise and fun atmosphere, congrats!